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What should you know about Strep Throat?

When you feel sore and scratchy in the throat, it is a sign of bacterial throat infection known as Strep Throat. When we feel itchy on the throat with continuous irritation, it shows that we are suffering from strep throat.

There are many people that prefer taking antibiotics for quick relief. However, they are unaware about the side effects of antibiotics especially on the immune system. Strep throat is a common disease that can be changed into severe health condition if you neglect it constantly. People with the stronger immune system don’t suffer from such throat issues as compared to others with weaker immunity. It is true that antibiotics provide quick relief from strep throat but badly affects your kidney and other organs as well. In this article, we would tell you about some faster and better ways to kick out strep throat.

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Symptoms of strep throat

Strep throat has many symptoms that can be easily indicated by the people. Some of them are given below:

  • Throat pain is a common symptom of this disease. When you feel irritation and itchiness in throat, it is an alarming sign of strep throat.
  • When you feel difficulty in swallowing, it indicates strep throat.
  • The headache and fever are also two signs of this common disease.
  • Tender or swollen lymph glands in the neck also show about the occurrence of strep throat.
  • Constant vomiting is also a symptom of strep throat. You should consult a doctor right after having this problem.



Streptococcus Pyogenes is a major cause of strep throat which is the bacteria. These contagious bacteria affect the surface of your throat and develop irritation in swallowing. When you take food or drink of the infected person, the bacteria enters into your body and begins to develop strep throat problem. The infections through sneezes and coughs spread through airborne droplets. This common disease causes due to contagious bacteria and harmful viruses.

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  • One of the most effective and best ways to say goodbye to this common disease is gargling with saltwater. You need to take lukewarm water in the cup and add half teaspoon of salt into it. Make sure that you feel the salty taste in your throat and then throw the water from mouth.
  • The juice of onion is a best thing to overcome strep throat. This infectious disease can be treated in a better way through onion (rich in iron). You simply need to extract some juice from onion and drink it fresh.
  • From mild to severe throat irritations, an effective remedy is the use of turmeric. Mix 30 ml of lukewarm milk with half a tea spoon of fresh turmeric powder into it. This yellow-colored milk works like a magic to overcome strep throat. You can take one or two glasses of milk in a day. Turmeric stops the discharge of watery fluid from nose to the throat that causes irritation. Secondly, it removes the pain of throat that makes you feel uncomfortable. By using turmeric, you would be amazed with the quick effect without using antibiotics.
  • You can also use throat sprays and lozenges to get temporary relief from pain. These are perfect for the people who don’t want to distract people during business meetings or in a classroom. However, the use of medications and home remedies should be continued on the other hand.



To avoid irritable throat infection, you need to follow the given easiest tips. These tips would help you to get rid of this problem.

  • Make a habit to wash your hands especially before eating anything. Don’t eat or drink remaining food of infected person.
  • If you are unable to find water tap, use hand sanitizer. It removes all the germs and bacteria from your hands.
  • Eat healthy food and focus on your diet. The improper intake of food is also a reason of the occurrence of strep throat.
  • Don’t use the utensils of any person from family who is infected from strep throat. It can be easily transferred through the use of same utensils.

By reading all of the above ways to overcome strep throat, you’ll definitely avoid antibiotics to treat this common disease. We would definitely suggest you to consult a doctor but stop them from prescribing antibiotics. The quick relief from such medicines can give you peace of mind but creates lots of trouble (health issues) for the lifetime.

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