Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a viral respiratory infection which is also commonly known as camel flu. It is caused by a betacoronavirus known as MERS- corona virus (MERS-CoV). Symptoms of this disease may include cough, diarrhea, fever, and shortness of breath which could range from mild to severe. This […]

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Information

Bathroom aids

Accidents Prevention: Bathroom Aids

Unfortunately, sooner or later we probably will need to install some kind of bathroom aids. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 370 people of all ages from the United States suffer from or sustain injuries in the bathtub or shower daily. Of these number, the elderly accounts for around […]

Obesity: What You Need To Know

The term obesity has been used extensively and at times it is confused with being overweight. Obesity and overweight are not the same. While the former means having too much body fat, over weight means weighing too much. The weight may come from bone, fat, muscles and body water. However, […]

Woman with obesity problem

girl eating and food poisoning

Food poisoning in children

Food poisoning is usually caused by intake of contaminated food or water. It may be contaminated by different kinds of bacteria. These may already be present in food or may be transferred from hand to mouth. Fecal-oral route is another way for getting food poisoning. Causative organisms Bacteria which cause […]

STD: Do you know all there is to know?

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are those diseases which are passed from one person to another during sexual intercourse between them. These are common diseases which infect a healthy person if he/she has a sexual intercourse with a person who’s already affected. In STDs the greatest risk factor isn’t any […]


common cold baby

Treating common cold in our baby

As much as kids are lovable, the more we need to take care that they are protected from germs. These little adorable creatures are prone to catching a common cold and other infections. Their immune system is not very well developed so any virus, bacteria, protozoa or mycobacterium is very […]

What should you know about Strep Throat?

When you feel sore and scratchy in the throat, it is a sign of bacterial throat infection known as Strep Throat. When we feel itchy on the throat with continuous irritation, it shows that we are suffering from strep throat. There are many people that prefer taking antibiotics for quick […]

strep throat

Hand mouth and foot diseases image

Childhood common disease: HFMD

Every one of us knows something about mouth and foot malady, which mainly impinges on pigs, cattle and different animals. But the disease under discussion is totally different from it; it is hand, foot and mouth infection, a childhood common disease. The cattle disease is a far cry from human […]

Common disease: Diarrhea

The discharge of watery stools with the frequent bowel movement is known as diarrhea. This common disease is not life-threatening but can kill a person in case of severe condition. This acute stomach problem creates lots of weakness and discomfort in the patients. The weakness doesn’t make a patient able […]

toilet diarrhea common disease

Fifth disease childhood common disease

Childhood common disease: Fifth Disease

As parents we are also a family doctors, because we are the first person who sees childhood common disease signs in our kids, suggest remedies, take care and bring the matter to doctor if we are not in a position to tackle the issue. That is why every parent should […]