Man using the HurryCane - All-Terrain Cane as an elderly walking aid.

HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane, Freedom Edition

HurryCane is claimed to be the number one selling brand of walking canes and walking aids for the elderly in the US and the HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane is probably one of their most popular products.

HurryCane products are sold in both traditional shops and online shops. The brand offers several designs and varieties of walking aids to choose from.


Basics about The HurryCane All-Terrain Cane



HurryCane - The All-Terrain Cane freedom edition blackProduct name: HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane, Freedom Edition

Price: you can find this product in many shops (online and off-line) and the price can be quite different. However, Amazon should be a very good option with a normal price under USD 40 and frequent special deals. Official price is USD 69.95

Weight: 0.5kgs

Weight Capacity: tested to support 350 pounds

Height: adjusts to 8 heights, ranging from 77.5-95cm (30.5-37.5″)

Base Diameter: 9cm (3.5″)

Folded Size: 35cm (13.8″)


More about The HurryCane All-Terrain Cane


One of the designs that they offer is the All-Terrain walking aids for the elderly. It is designed as a freestanding walking cane with pivot features. The handle has an ergonomic design with comfort fit style that’s easy to grip. It can also fold instantly.

The base, with its pivot abilities, is a great feature. The freestanding design provides the stability needed for a sturdy standalone walking cane, while the pivot features allow comfortable angled movement.

Because the design is scientifically patterned after the body, it provides comfort and stability that is natural and easy to use.


Highly recommended walking aid for the elderly


When planning to buy walking aid for the elderly, there are several important features that one has to look into. Here are some important ones:

  • It must be comfortable to use – aside from balance, stability, and durability, when choosing walking aids, a design that is comfortable to use is a feature that should also be highly considered.
  • It must be lightweight – choose a walking aid that is light. A heavy walking cane design may be difficult to use and transport.
  • It must be compact – a compact design is also necessary as the walking aids for the elderly may be used frequently.
  • Affordable – after comparing features and materials, affordability of the items should be considered. Compare prices and features to find out which designs suits the patients’ needs best.
  • Must address various medical conditions – walking requirements for the elderly may also vary depending on medical conditions. Conditions such as osteoporosis, blindness or blurred vision, post-surgery, or injury, are a few reasons that would require the use of canes or other walking aids. These medical and/or physical conditions must also be addressed or considered when choosing walking aids for the elderly.




  • Balance – the patented base design and pivot head highlights superior balance that provides adequate support and stability which makes this perfect walking aids for the elderly.
  • The pivot base of the HurryCane provides good balance

    Advanced features – its advanced features that have been designed after the human body makes this product safe and easy to use. You’ll know that factors such as anatomy, posture, movement, and physical conditions have been highly considered and integrated into the design.

  • Ergonomic design – the confit fit handle is stylish and comfortable to use. Its easy grip design provides adequate support that’s easy to handle. The soft pads are also comfortable to the hand. Also, the safe padded handle is an added safety feature.
  • Foldable design – the foldable design makes this item compact. Lightweight, and easy to transport. The foldable feature also makes it easy and safe to place in storage or car passenger area when not in use.


Disadvantages of using HurryCane walking aids for the elderly


  • On pricing – the price is rather higher as compared to other brands or other basic style walking canes.
  • Online pricing – there seem to be different pricing schemes displayed online.
  • Buyers need to learn how to use this cane. Its features do vary from basic or ordinary walking canes,  and users may need to be accustomed first to the pivot movement.


Where Can I Buy it?


HurryCane products are sold nationwide in several HurryCane authorized outlets, supermarkets, pharmacies, and departments stores. Some of the stores that featured HurryCane All-Terrain are WalMart, Bed bath & Beyond, Sears, and CVS pharmacy.

Stores and outlet that feature walking aids for the elderly may possibly have this item include in their line of retail products.  This product can also be found in online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Variants featured in some online shops are the black variant and the purple variant.

This product can also be found in online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Variants featured in some online shops are the black variant and the purple variant.

Prices can vary a lot between shops, especially with online e-commerce. Some websites can be using a drop shipping system and they charge an extra commission that increases the product price.

A reliable online shop is always Amazon, and they usually have good deals on the HurryCane All-Terrain Cane. Quite often they sell it with almost 50% discount.



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2 thoughts on “HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane, Freedom Edition

  • Travis Smithers

    The Hurrycane seems like a great looking cane with the added features for collapsing for portability, and the pivot head sounds like an excellent idea. I know some people that would probably like this product much better than they are already using and the price would not be a problem when you consider it is a safety tool for most that use them.

    Does the cane have a storage bag you can use once you fold it up if required?

    • Sametriu Post author

      Hi Travis,

      It depends on where you purchase it. As far as I know, the one I added the link in the article (Amazon) comes with a bag.