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Home safety for kids

On a previous article we made a list of common child home accidents. We know that soon or later an accident will happen, but we can try to prevent it as much as possible. To do it, we must go through the entire house, identify potential hazards and try to take the necessary measures to improve our home safety for kids.
So let’s do this task and find which corrections and tools we can use to improve the home safety.


Stairs are probably the first part of a house that comes to our mind when thinking about danger at home. The best prevention tool is install safety gates on top and bottom of any stair. In addition, we can use the same kind of gates to prevent child to entry rooms or areas potentially dangerous for them as basements or, why not, the kitchen.



There are a few hazards related to the windows. The first we must do to improve the home safety around the windows is remove any near furniture where a kid can climb and reach the window. We also have to be sure that blind cords and chains are out of reach and find the way to prevent child open the windows. A useful tool is safety sliders that allow opening the window just a few inches to allow air go through.


The list of potential hazards and prevention measures related to the kitchen can be quite long. So, we highly recommend declaring the kitchen a forbidden area for kids. Try to keep the door locked or install a safety gate (such the one we use at stairs). However, we have to go further with prevention and keep any sharp object inside cabinets and drawers, cleaning products and waste baskets locked into cabinets and any product or appliance that they can pull down has to be out of reach. If the cabinets that need to be locked don’t have key, install safety latches.




The first rule of child care related to bathrooms is never left a child unattended; they can drown in just a few inches of water. In addition, the advice given about cleaning products locked on cabinets is valid for drugs, medicines and first aid kits. We highly recommend using a non-slip mat or stickers.


Keep it clear of gardening tools and try to not leave kids unattended there. If you have a swimming pool we will need to install a fence to enclose it.

Other home safety instructions


  • Banister posts should be no more than four inches apart. Larger openings permit children to slip through or become lodged.
  • If we have a fireplace we recommend installing a fireguard.
  • Don’t use tablecloths or place mats. Our baby will pull them and what’s on them down.
  • Use socket covers to prevent our child to put his fingers or anything else on there and to avoid accidents related to kids plugging in electrical appliances that can hurt them.
  • Secure furniture and electronics, such as bookcases and TVs, so they cannot be pulled down on top of your baby.
  • Be aware of things that pinch fingers, like hinges on ironing boards and deckchairs, and consider buying hinge protectors.


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6 thoughts on “Home safety for kids

  • Davby

    Great job bringing these potentially dangerous threats to our attention. I can imagine it can be quite easy to overlook the smallest, everyday thing, like the cord for your window blinds.
    Thanks for reminding us, whether you’re a parent or not, that if you have kids in the house, anything could be hazardous.

    • Sametriu Post author

      Thanks for your comment Davby. And the best part is most of those changes to adapt your home to kids safety are really cheap.

  • RuthM

    This is perfect. I have an 18 month old who is everywhere! Boys. He wants to climb on everything, and would actually throw himself down the stairs if I didn’t stop him.

    So this article has given me a whole host of other ideas to stop him hurting himself. Thank you

    • Sametriu Post author

      Thanks Ruth for share with us your experince.

      Currently I am working in some product reviews that will complement this article. Stay connected or subscribe to this site to get in your email all the updates.

  • Blame

    I didn’t know there were so many safety hazards for kids at home. I do know about the windows, and the stairs. I had no idea children can drown in the bathroom if unattended.

    This is pretty important because I have a little one being born soon, so learning as much as can about this topic is very helpful. Thank you for this information.

    • Sametriu Post author

      Thanks for the comment and congratulations.

      There are a lot of hazards, but with prevention and common sense we can reduce the probability of accidents.

      However, remember they are kids and learning in life and it’s almost impossible to protect them 100%. Accidents happen and we must be ready for it. You can check my post about home first aid kit and a good product I found .