First aid cabinet is an important part of our home medical equipment

Essential content of your home medical equipment

A few days ago I was visiting apartments and houses looking for a new place to live with my family. We are moving to a new country and city and with a child involved it’s always a little bit more complicated (neighborhood conditions, schools, entertainment,…). Well, a lot of things to think about when suddenly something else comes into my mind.

In one of the houses, when checking a bathroom I saw a cabinet and I opened it. When I saw some empty packs of medicines, some kind of brown liquid that I guessed was there because it used to be the betadine place and an Alcohol 96º bottle almost empty I realized that that cabinet used to be the place where the previous inhabitants of the house keep their home medical equipment.

What we really need?

Ever Ready First Aid Fully Stocked First Responder Kit included suppliesAs I write before, we are moving to a new country and with my wife, we decided that it’s not worth to bring with us the first aid kit and most of the medicines that we have in our current home. Its volume, potential customs and law problems and because it’s easy to buy it again (also online) in our new country were the main points to decide not to bring it with us.

So, now we have to make a list of the essential medical equipment that we have to buy. We already started the list and just realize that there are few things that we don’t know about our new environment and that can condition which kind of products we need. Weather conditions, the common illness in the area, different food or house distribution are a few issues that we have to be aware of.

Let’s make the list

Obviously, the first that everyone needs at home (and also in the car) is a first aid kit. There are plenty of options in the market with more or fewer contents, with different packaging and on a wide range of prices.
For example, you can get a complete first aid kit containing everything you need to keep your home or office prepared for an emergency for just 30 USD or if you want to expend more money you can buy a fully equipped first aid kit ideal for those who have some formation as a first responders for less than 100 USD.


Once we are ready for the small domestic accidents we must think about any special situation or condition in our family that requires any extra home medical equipment. I mean if there is anyone with mobility problems, any illness, etc.

Well, we are almost prepared. The next step to continue with our list will be buy some medicament that we use for the most common diseases like a cold, the flu or any other specific of our surrounding environment. Which medicines or drugs? Common sense and experience will help us, however nowadays we always can Google it and check the results. But let me come back on this on a future post.

Also, in another post, I wrote about the most common home accidents and it will help us to decide if we need to incorporate any extra medical equipment at home.

Where to stock our home medical equipment?

I know, I know, not everyone has a spare room to set their home medical equipment and I have to say that in the 99.9% of the houses we don’t need it.

As you can see on the examples, the first aid kit can be as small as a little box that we can fit into almost any drawer and if we chose a complete one it uses to be provided with their own bag.

The traditional cabinet inside the bathroom is always a good option, but be careful with the extreme changes of temperature and the level of humidity because it can damage some of the products.

For more product options I recommend you to visit Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Essential content of your home medical equipment

  • LSeulu24

    Hi there,

    Home Medical supplies are so important however so neglected. I built a lot of awareness around this in the homecare education field as it was a requirement for our service. But what I found interesting was the amount of people in our community who didn’t have a simple first aid kit or even thought of the importance of it.

    I think you have provided a great idea for all parents and families to ensure they have prepared.

    thanks for the reminder

    • Sametriu Post author

      Thanks for your comment.

      Agree that any families don’t have a proper first aid kit at home or it isn’t in good condition. Check it periodically is necessary too.

  • Znubler

    A very well written and structured article, and it is thoughtful. We do not have a first aid kit in our house, but your article made me think about getting one. You never know when an accident comes.

    I think your website is essentials for many homes, and I will share it.

  • Peter

    Hi Mark. Thank you for the article on first ad kits. Having an up to date first aid kits often seem to be one of those things that doesn’t come up on our priority to do list until something happens and we need to use it. How often would you suggest we should monitor and do a check on the first aid kit and replenish it and restock any out of date and past expiry date items?

    • Sametriu Post author

      Hi Peter. Thanks for you comment.

      I recommend to check the equipment almost every 2-3 months and always replace anything used ASAP.