Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker

Drive Medical Two Button Folding Walker Review

Designed by Drive Medical, this walking aid for the elderly features a two-button easy to handle mechanism with a foldable design. The folding walker has a U-shaped frame that provides superior stability and ample clearance that allows comfortable use.

The base materials are of one-inch high-quality aluminum which makes this foldable walker durable, rust and corrosion resistant, and lightweight.

Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker is compactly designed making it easy to use in hallways and narrow spots. Its adjustable height does not only provide ease of use for patients and the elderly, it also suits the needs of various therapeutic requirements that may be needed by patients recovering from surgery, injury, or illness.


Basics about Drive Medical Two Button Folding Walker


Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding WalkerProduct name: Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker

Price: At the moment the price on Amazon is $US 34.32 (with free shipping)

Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 22 x 32 inches

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Weight: 6 pounds

Material: Aluminum lightweight, durable, and corrosion proof.


Features to Look Into When Choosing Walking Aids for the Elderly


There are many various types and designs of walking aids. Most walking aids are designed to suit the needs of the elderly, while other walking aids have highly specialized designs that may fit needs of patients who need medical equipment for recovery and therapeutic purposes.

One of the most basic types of walking aids for the elderly is walkers. This type of medical equipment has been around for quite some time, and over the time, its design has also evolved.

Drive Medical, for instance, was able to release walker design that has the same basic features of a walker with additional modern features such as foldable design, adjustable dimensions, and other mechanisms.

When choosing a walking aid, it is important to look into the stability of the product. The overall design is an aspect that would help determine the item’s stability. Drive Medical Adjustable Walker, comes pre-assembled so that users are ensured that the parts and the total assembly of the product are sound and sturdy.

Materials used to construct the product would determine durability. Metal materials that are solid and rust free turn out to be quite durable and last long.

Specific medical or therapeutic purpose should also be considered when choosing walking aids for the elderly. Walkers with adjustable height may prove beneficial as not only can be adjusted to fit the height of the patient, it can also serve many physical therapeutic needs such as training and recovery and other walking exercise activities.

Storage and transporting of equipment should also be taken into consideration. Drive Medical Walker is pre-assembled and foldable, which make it easy to store and transport.


Advantages and disadvantages of Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker


Assisting old people to find adequate folding walker aidsAdvantages


  • The U-shaped frame design provides adequate support. The curved frame not only adds to the style and design of the product, it also makes it more comfortable to use.
  • The compact built makes this walker easy to fit in hallways and narrow spots.
  • Its adjustable height serves many medical and therapeutic purposes fit for the various needs of patients and the elderly.
  • The two-button mechanism feature is ergonomically designed making it easy to handle.
  • Rubberized feet provides a slip-free feature that adds to the safety of the product.
  • Rust-free materials ensure long-lasting use. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to handle and transport.
  • Its foldable feature adds convenience when transporting or storing the item.
  • The convex shaped front bar adds to the stability of the structure.
  • Easy-grip rubberized handles add comfort and convenience.
  • Packaged as pre-assembled, it ensures that all parts and assemblage have been thoroughly checked for safety, durability, and security.




  • One of the disadvantages that the Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker may have is the aluminum materials of the U-shaped frame and front bar. Although this material is commonly used for most types of walking aids for the elderly, the malleable nature of aluminum metal and alloy materials may be prone to dents.
  • Aluminum, though rust resistant, may also be not as durable as another type of metals.
  • Capacity in terms of maximum weight allowed should also be checked when using this product to ensure its safe and convenient use.


Where can I buy it?


The Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker is available on Amazon, eBay, MedMartOnline, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Restrictions on international sales and shipping of medical supplies are common. Remember, before buy it check that the product can be delivered in your country.

At the time I’m writing this review the prize is just $US 34.32with free shipping.

There are hundreds of other websites where you can find the Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker, but most of them are just people reselling the product purchased at Amazon or from the manufacturer. In this last situation, they never have Amazon’s negotiation power to get the best price.


Verdict: recommended walker on the low range price.



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4 thoughts on “Drive Medical Two Button Folding Walker Review

  • Patrick Ginise

    My father recently had a hip replacement and I have been looking for this exact type of information. This product seems to fit with his needs and your article was very informative. After reading this, I believe I am very close to making a decision. Thanks for the review.

  • Travis Smithers

    When I look at your pros and cons for the drive medical walker, I would have to say the pros far out way the cons. When you consider the price of the walker having such a light weight easily adjustable walker to suit the height required and how easy it is to transport around, I can overlook the denting knowing that another one can be purchased without breaking the bank.

    This walker would be perfect for travel when leaving home for getting around.

    • Sametriu Post author

      Absolutly agree with you Travis. That’s probably the reason why this walker is one of the best selling products on Amazon.