Affordable Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back review

Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back review


Drive Medical is a famous brand of medical equipment like mobility accessories and medical bath seats. Their line of products on medical accessories include several variants of medical bath seats that are compact and designed to fit the needs of the elderly, patients recovering from surgery, or injured patients. It is packaged as an easy-to-assemble equipment with a step-by-step set of instructions for assemblage.

One variant offered by Drive Medical is the Medical Bath Bench without Back. The item has a sleek design that looks sturdy, compact, and modern. The seat has a convex shape that looks modern and comfortable to use.

It has die cut holes, which does not only add to its stylish look, it also provides several important functions, such as allowing water to seep through so that patients can sit more comfortably on the bench. The legs appear to be sturdy and durable while the entire structure is recommended for use for patients weighing less than 400 pounds.


Basics about Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back


Easy assembly of Drive Medical Bath Bench without BackProduct name: Drive Medical is the Medical Bath Bench without Back

Price: the best promotion I found is $US 22.46 on Amazon (with free shipping)

Seat Dimensions: 11.5″(D) x 19.25″(W) x 15.5″-19.9(H)

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Color: Grey

Material: Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable, and corrosion proof

Legs: height adjustable in 1″ increments, and angled with suction-style tips to provide additional stability.


How to Choose Medical Bath Seats

The most important aspect to consider when choosing medical related equipment for home use such as mobility accessories and medical bath seats is to consider the safety of the product. It must be taken into consideration that these equipment are to be utilized by the patients who may need assistance such as those who are recovering from surgery or injury, the elderly, or patients suffering from illness.

Aside from product safety, the items should also be comfortable to use. It must also be taken into account that part of healing or wellness is making sure that the patient feels comfortable in his or her day to day activities. A medical bath seat, for example, that is comfortable and safe to use, should surely contribute to the patient’s recovery and wellness.

The durability of the product should also be looked into and given utmost importance. The equipment should be durable and can be utilized for a long period of time. A product that is built with high-quality durable materials not only will ensure the product’s safety and stability, this aspect would most definitely contribute to its durability as well.

A medical bath bench should also be made heavy enough to hold or support the weight of the patient, yet light enough so that it can easily be handled and transferred from one spot to the other.

Based on buyers reviews, these are some advantages and disadvantages of the product.



Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back Pinch-free-coverIt has a compact design and fits in most standard sized bathtubs and showers. Its sleek design and neutral colors of grey, silver, and light slate harmonize well with any color theme inside the bathroom. And its compact style looks modern. So as with the aesthetics of the product, it does look good overall.

On the usability of the item, it serves the purpose of bathroom benches for patients. Its features do fit what an elderly patient or an injured patient would need at home.

On the built of the product, the overall design looks superior, it is compact and sturdy. It is also lightweight making it easy to transport. It also has an easy assembly feature that comes with step-by-step instructions.



On the other hand, some of the disadvantages of this product include weight limit, assembly procedure, materials, and some aspects of the design.

On weight limit, it should be clearly communicated that the limit is only up to 400 pounds. In some cases, there are some product reviews that have relayed that the seat was not able to hold certain weights below 400 pounds.

Aside from the weight limit, the combination of the design and the assembly procedure must be one reason why the item was not able to hold such weight even if it was within the range as indicated. A sturdy and durable medical bath bench should preferably be delivered assembled to ensure the safety of its use.

Collapsible types or those designs that can be dis-assembled may not offer the same sturdiness as that of products that come pre-assembled. Safety and durability of a medical bath bench should always be in check.


Where can I buy it?

The Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back can be bought on Amazon and eBay. The item can also be ordered online or via phone thru various authorized distributors.

There are a lot of restrictions on international sales and shipping of medical supplies. Remember, before buy it check that the product is available in your country.

At the time I’m writing this review the prize is just $US 22.46 with free shipping (when combined total product purchase is over $ US 49).

There are hundreds of other websites where you can find the Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back, but most of them are just people reselling the product purchased at Amazon or from the manufacturer. In this last situation, they never have Amazon’s negotiation power to get the best price.


Veredict: quite good product, easy to assemble and affordable price.


 Check if currently there is any discount available


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4 thoughts on “Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back review

  • Steven

    Hi my mother in law has huntings disease if your not famailier with it then its a brain disease, my misses mum cant control her movment so one of these would be ideal.

    it would need to be extremely sturdy as she has broke several toilet seats and dinning room chairs due to incontrollable movements how sturdy is this or could you reccomend somthing else?

  • Kerry

    It his was a very good review, very informative. This is something that I had not really given much thought to but last year I was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia.

    There are a lot of every day things that I am unable to do now or need help with so being able to have a review on a product like this is very helpful. Cheers Kerry 🙂