Common cold

Common diseases to be aware of: common cold

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One of most common diseases is the viral infection of the upper respiratory system is known as common cold. The upper part of respiratory system is based on bronchial tubes, larynx, trachea, Eustachian tubes, sinuses, throat and nose.

The viruses that cause cold are more likely to appear in the winter season as compared to the summer. The cold usually starts from the ending period of April and the beginning of September. In most of the regions, any weather ends and the other begins in the months of April and September. Therefore, you should be highly cautious from getting cold especially in these months.

Cold is a common disease among the people across the world. In this article, we would discuss some facts about cold. These facts would definitely amaze you and are helpful to increase your knowledge as well.


There are numerous signs of cold and it is quite easy to indicate this disease. Some of the common signs of cold are given below:

  • The stuffy nose and watery eyes are two common symptoms of cold. Everybody can indicate that he/she is going to suffer from cold through these symptoms.
  • The sneezing, congestion and cough are also major symptoms of cold. Most of the people suffer from cold after indicating such symptoms.
  • Sore throat is also a sign of cold that changes into cough after some days. You feel irritation and itchiness in the throat.
  • Mild headache is also an indication of this common disease.



The main causes of common cold that make you feel irritable and tired are given below:

  • More than 200 viruses are the real culprits that cause common cold in the body. These viruses transfer from an infected person to others through sneeze and sharing of food.
  • When you don’t wear warm cloths and expose more to chilly weather, there are higher chances of the occurrence of cold.
  • Less humidity and more dry weather also develop this common disease. You should try to use humidifiers or vaporizers in the room.
  • The respiratory syncytial virus is another culprit of causing common cold in the body.



  • A key to treat common cold is lots of rest. You need to sleep at least for twelve hours. Make sure that you drink sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated in this condition.
  • Don’t use aspirin and try Tylenol instead. It can provide relief to your body from higher temperature.
  • Antibiotics can give quick relief from this common disease but should be used only after doctor’s prescription. If you have weak immune system, it’ll be better to avoid antibiotics.
  • The decongestants (as over-the-counter medicine) provide temporary relief by clearing the nasal passages. A visit to doctor is highly suggested before taking any over-the-counter medicine.




  • A handkerchief or tissue paper can contain up to 15,000 germs after thirty seconds of use. These germs can be easily transferred to our hands. Therefore, it’s better to wash your nose and face once in an hour.
  • More germs can spread if you sneeze in a cold windy area. The droplets of sneeze become less moist due to dry air in winter. In this way, it targets more people to transfer viruses into their bodies. You should keep your nose covered when you go anywhere outside in winter.
  • Many people avoid drinking water to stop the development of mucus. It is not suggested by the doctors in anyway. You should keep your throat and nose fully moist to get rid of sneeze. You can also use room vaporizer to save your nose and throat from getting drier.
  • The use of caffeine and alcohol is strictly not allowed when you’ve cold. It is highly suggested to drink fresh juice (of fruits that contains vitamin C) and water. Many people are not aware about the negative effect of using alcohol or caffeine in this condition. You can have dehydration problem with them.

Though, cold is a common disease but you should also take it seriously like other diseases. Some of the viruses caused by cold can be life-threatening for you. Therefore, you should definitely visit a doctor instead of relying on over-the-counter medications.


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