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Common disease: Periodontal disease or gum disease

What is a Gum disease or Gingivitis?

A disease that develops with poor dental hygiene and the tissue’s inflammation in the surrounding area of teeth is known as Gum disease.

It is a highly common disease that can be caused due to many reasons. It is being distinguished from mild to severe condition as per your oral hygienic condition. The swollen and red gums are the main indication of this disease. When you floss or brush your teeth, the gums start bleeding. Gums become quite sensitive when you eat cold things i.e. ice cream. The gum disease is known as Gingivitis.

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There are many symptoms of a gum disease (gingivitis). Some of them are given below:

  • Separating or loose teeth indicates gingivitis in a person.
  • Gingivitis can cause when bleeding starts while eating hard food, flossing or brushing the teeth.
  • Tender, swollen or red gums are the major indications of gum disease.
  • When your teeth are looking longer and gums are pulling away from the, it means that you are suffering from gingivitis.


Causes of this common disease

In gingivitis, gums are infected through calculus and bacteria in plaque. The improper oral hygiene is also a reason of this disease in people. There are many other causes of this disease that we’ll discuss here.

  • The gum tissue can’t be able to heal when you smoke or chew tobacco. In short, the tobacco simply damages your teeth. It changes the color of teeth and affects the gums as well. This common disease is highly developing due to the increasing use of tobacco.
  • It is hard to keep overlapping, rotated or crooked teeth clean. These teeth develop calculus and additional space for plaque. These kinds of teeth increase the chances of causing gum diseases.
  • The rise in gingivitis is possible due to hormonal changes in menopause, pregnancy and puberty. The blood vessels in the gums are being developed due to hormonal changes.
  • The risk of gum disease increases in the patients of cancer. If you are diagnosed from cancer, gingivitis can make a way towards your mouth even during the treatment of cancer. Though, this common disease mostly occurs due to poor oral health but some other diseases can cause gingivitis in your mouth.
  • The healing ability of gums gets affected in the patients of diabetes. Most of the diabetic people suffer from this issue due to increased sugar level in the body.
  • If you love candies and other sugary items, there are higher chances of having gum disease. When the sugary foods trap between the teeth, it becomes plaque and develops bacteria. People who eat lots of sweets suffer from this common disease.
  • When the right amount of nutrients does not enter into the body, you’ll definitely suffer from gum disease. In short, malnutrition is the reason of this common disease.
  • Age is a common reason of having gum disease. When you get older, the chances of its occurrence increase as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit a dentist at least twice a year after 40 years of age.


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It is definitely possible to treat gum disease. We would discuss three ways to treat them in a great way.

  • You need to visit a dentist for scaling and root planning. Both of these processes are highly effective to overcome gingivitis.
  • The second best way is to go through from professional dental cleaning. Though, you’ll have to spend more on it, but it would give permanent relief from this painful disease.
  • The bone surgery, guided tissue regeneration, soft tissue grafts and bone grafts are some common treatments of gingivitis. It will be better to consult it with a periodontist. He/she can guide you better about the suitable treatment for your gum disease.



It’s better to ask from dentist about your gum health apart from other oral health issues. In this way, you’ll stay aware about all the dental issues that can become severe in the future.

The use of mouth wash is very effective and best for the patients of gum disease. It helps to remove bad breath and keep the gums protected from bacteria. These small tips are very useful if you apply them in day-to-day routine.

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