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Childhood common disease: HFMD

Every one of us knows something about mouth and foot malady, which mainly impinges on pigs, cattle and different animals. But the disease under discussion is totally different from it; it is hand, foot and mouth infection, a childhood common disease. The cattle disease is a far cry from human hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), which usually haunts children and basically known as viral infection creating discolored group of blisters on the skin of hand, mouth and below part of feet.

Causes of HFMD

Both diseases have dissimilar causes for start, and the virus which stems the problem in cattle, cannot be fatal to kids and vice verse. Hand, foot and mouth disease is usually a childhood common disease, and the virus attacks majorly kids under 5. It is basically skin syndrome and the group of germs stemming the problem is called enteroviruses. The disease can easily transmit from one person to another through respiratory system.

Symptoms of HFMD

The very first visible symbol of this childhood common disease is light fever. This mild fever, in most cases, is considered to be the result of teething because the kids who undergo this health problem are usually under 5. After a couple of days of this light fever, the mouth of patient begins to show the appearance of sores or blisters. These spots are considerably visible to detect in two major colors; white or red. When these blisters start appearing, the child loses appetite to an extent which is noticeable.

After one day or a couple of days of the blister appearance, the skin of feet and hands of your child gets rash. Sometime, that rash can also affect elbows and knees. You can recognize the presence of rash in the form of the same type of blisters as in his/her mouth. You will also notice that your child is not disturbed due to rash and shows calm and peaceful behavior with no cries.

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Treatment of HFMD

Unfortunately, there is no proper vaccine or remedy to cure this childhood common disease. Once your kid gets its symptoms, it is hard to find out absolute treatment. The doctors suggest many prescriptions, which are useful to make your kid calm and relaxed in fever like Tempera. It will help you cut down the number of night waking and terrible cries of your baby.

How to Take Care of the Patient

The most proper way to look after your sick baby and make the situation better is to make certain that he/she is taking enough fluids. If a child suffers from hand, foot and mouth disease, dehydration should be the most cared affair. It is better to give your kid water and milk for this purpose, because the excessive use of juices can cause aggravation in blisters, you better give up the juices totally unless the patient recovers.

Similarly, give up spicy and hot food for your kid to avoid the same results. Try to encourage your child to take cereals and yogurt as much as possible. It will be a lovable food for them and soothing for their rash and sores. Give him/her cold things to eat and drink to calm down the problem. Prefer ice-cream, cold soups and different eatables which are pretty easy to consume.


Cautious/Preventive Measurements

The hand, foot and mouth disease is a contagious childhood common disease under 5 years old kids. Take measures to prevent it such as keep your kid and environment clean, wash your and your baby’s hands after every washroom time, toy time and park time. Take good care that your child is not moving about with dripping saliva, as the main cause of infection is the secretions from throat and mouth. Don’t kiss a sick baby, because you, though adult, should not contract the malady to be responsible to transfer it to other kids.

The most favorable seasons for this disease is the starting days of autumn and ending part of summer. The most vulnerable kids to this health issue are those who are in daycare points, parks and kindergartens. If you notice the development of HFMD in your kid, don’t let him go out to prevent spreading of the germs.

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