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Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height, By Healthline. Product Review.

Healthline Trading is an established company that distributes bathroom aids, walking aids, and mobility accessories for medical patients and the elderly. Their products are ideal for both professional medical use and for home and private use. One of their featured products is the Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height which […]

Bath bench with adjustable height by Healthline

Affordable Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back review

Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back review

  Drive Medical is a famous brand of medical equipment like mobility accessories and medical bath seats. Their line of products on medical accessories include several variants of medical bath seats that are compact and designed to fit the needs of the elderly, patients recovering from surgery, or injured patients. […]

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Product Review

The Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat is a compact bathroom equipment specially built to aid the elderly or patients with injury or illness. This product is often used in hospitals and nursing homes. Its easy installation procedure also makes this bathroom bench ideal for homes. Main features of […]

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat image and product review

Accidents Prevention: Bathroom Aids

Unfortunately, sooner or later we probably will need to install some kind of bathroom aids. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 370 people of all ages from the United States suffer from or sustain injuries in the bathtub or shower daily. Of these number, the elderly accounts for around […]

Bathroom aids

Home entrance adaptations

Home adaptations to help with mobility problems

On a previous post, we wrote about getting old and mobility problems at home and how activities that barely require conscious thought now aren’t that easy. We also identify that aging is not the only reason why people starts to have mobility problems and other factors such as low physical […]

Home safety for kids

On a previous article we made a list of common child home accidents. We know that soon or later an accident will happen, but we can try to prevent it as much as possible. To do it, we must go through the entire house, identify potential hazards and try to […]

home safety stair gate

First aid kit image

Assemble your home First Aid Kit

On a previous post I write about the essential home medical equipment that we need and there we identified the first aid kit as a basic part of it. And we are not the only ones, Red Cross (http://www.redcross.org/) and all the National Health Services also recommend to have emergency medical equipment at home.

Essential content of your home medical equipment

A few days ago I was visiting apartments and houses looking for a new place to live with my family. We are moving to a new country and city and with a child involved it’s always a little bit more complicated (neighborhood conditions, schools, entertainment,…). Well, a lot of things […]

First aid cabinet is an important part of our home medical equipment