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Mobility problems at home

  Getting old and mobility problems While we are getting old usually mobility problems appear in our life. We are talking about performance deficits assessed using an objective mobility test or perceived difficulties in mobility, and it is a fact that those problems increase with advancing age and are often […]

mobility problems adapted bathroom

child home accidents baby stairs

8 Common child home accidents

Unfortunately our child has accidents at home All of us try our best to prevent accidents and keep our homes as safe as possible. We can fit safety gates at the stairs, prepare the windows to be child resistant or install safety fences around the pool; however, child sometimes are […]

10 Common childhood diseases

As a father, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that we can try our best but our kids will get sick quite often, especially during the first two or three years of their life. Why it happens? Well, basically because our child is just building their own immunological system and the usual way to do it is get in contact with the illnesses. It is what we try to do with the vaccination against some diseases and with others the only way is getting sick.

Childhood diseases