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HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane, Freedom Edition

HurryCane is claimed to be the number one selling brand of walking canes and walking aids for the elderly in the US and the HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane is probably one of their most popular products. HurryCane products are sold in both traditional shops and online shops. The brand […]

Man using the HurryCane - All-Terrain Cane as an elderly walking aid.

Rollator Walker with Seat by Hugo

Review of Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat

Hugo is a brand of AMG Medical, a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of mobility accessories and walking aids for the elderly, patients recovering from surgery or injury, or patients coping with illness. One of the company’s product is the Hugo Elite Rollator Walker with Seat. […]

Drive Medical Two Button Folding Walker Review

Designed by Drive Medical, this walking aid for the elderly features a two-button easy to handle mechanism with a foldable design. The folding walker has a U-shaped frame that provides superior stability and ample clearance that allows comfortable use. The base materials are of one-inch high-quality aluminum which makes this […]

Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two-Button Folding Walker

Mobility Aids for the Elderly

You or someone close to you is getting old and already looking for some information about mobility aids for the elderly? In this article, we try to help you providing some basic information about walking aids and tips on how to make your home mobility friendly.   Related articles: Mobility […]

Childhood Obesity – A Threat to Our Future

  Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition wherein a child and/or an adolescent’s weight is well above normal for his or her age and height (Mayo Clinic, 2015). This is caused by the presence of excess body fat in the child’s body. Obesity in children is now being considered […]

Obese child eating fast food

girl eating and food poisoning

Food poisoning in children

Food poisoning is usually caused by intake of contaminated food or water. It may be contaminated by different kinds of bacteria. These may already be present in food or may be transferred from hand to mouth. Fecal-oral route is another way for getting food poisoning. Causative organisms Bacteria which cause […]

Treating common cold in our baby

As much as kids are lovable, the more we need to take care that they are protected from germs. These little adorable creatures are prone to catching a common cold and other infections. Their immune system is not very well developed so any virus, bacteria, protozoa or mycobacterium is very […]

common cold baby

Hand mouth and foot diseases image

Childhood common disease: HFMD

Every one of us knows something about mouth and foot malady, which mainly impinges on pigs, cattle and different animals. But the disease under discussion is totally different from it; it is hand, foot and mouth infection, a childhood common disease. The cattle disease is a far cry from human […]

Childhood common disease: Fifth Disease

As parents we are also a family doctors, because we are the first person who sees childhood common disease signs in our kids, suggest remedies, take care and bring the matter to doctor if we are not in a position to tackle the issue. That is why every parent should […]

Fifth disease childhood common disease

Childhood common disease: Chickenpox

Childhood common disease: Chicken Pox

Chicken pox is a childhood common disease in almost all parts of the world. It has been infecting, especially children, for centuries. The malady is really infectious and begins just through a virus, vericella zoster; that is why this disease is medically named as vericella. This viral infection specially hunts […]