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Accidents Prevention: Bathroom Aids

Unfortunately, sooner or later we probably will need to install some kind of bathroom aids. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 370 people of all ages from the United States suffer from or sustain injuries in the bathtub or shower daily. Of these number, the elderly accounts for around 17% to 22% of the injured.

Falling is the most common cause of injury in the bathroom, accounting for about 81% of cases (Mao, McKenzie, Xiang & Smith, 2008). It is caused by its confined space and slippery floors which can be dangerous especially when wet. Furthermore, the hard surfaces of the bathtub and sink, as well as the protruding bathroom fixtures may increase the chances of injury during accidents such as these. The lack of supporting fixtures, such as handles or seats is the main reason why many people slip and fall. Older homes, wherein many of America’s elderly reside, are particularly vulnerable to this accident (Mullick. 2005).

Any accident can be traumatizing, but an accident at home, which many people consider as a protected environment may cause a greater degree of emotional stress to those involved (Mullick, 2005) and we probably will need to use our first aid kit.

To prevent these accidents, there are many bathroom aids which are readily available in the market today. These aids, ranging from fixed handles to specially designed seats and rubber matting can help prevent slips and falls from happening and thereby giving everyone peace of mind when their loved one is using the bathroom.

mobility problems adapted bathroom

Bathroom chairs

Specially designed bath chairs can be bought online or in most of the department and medical equipment stores to prevent accidents in the bathroom. Ordinary chairs which are usually made of plastic may slip and slide in the confines of the shower. Furthermore, plastic chairs may become brittle over time as it is exposed to humidity and changing temperatures during bathing. A bathroom aid chair will prevent these by ensuring that its feet a rubber padded and that the materials used in it are designed to withstand the different environment of the bathroom.

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Grab aids

Grab bars, handles, and safety frame rails may also be installed in the bathroom to prevent slipping and to allow the user to have something to hold on to. Many of us able-bodied people do not have the need for these mechanisms as we are strong and have a good sense of balance. But for the elderly and mobility impaired, these would give them the ability to freely use the bathroom without having the fear of slipping and nothing to hold on to.


Shower transfer benchBathroom aids are not limited to bathroom furniture; even fixtures can be added to make ones bathing safer. Changing the temperature of the water or reaching the tap outside the tub or shower is dangerous and time-consuming; it can even have the possibility of scalding the user. Handheld shower heads with built-in tap control can also be had at stores to overcome this problem.

Other bathroom aids

Rubber matting would eliminate the risk of slipping on a wet floor. A layer of rubber on the floor with provides traction for the person using the bathroom and ensures the prevention of slipping accidents.

Transfer benches and bath steps would allow those who have a walking disability to easily enter the bathtub. Instead of having to gingerly sit on the slippery edge of the tub and then dropping themselves slowly in; transfer benches and bath steps would allow them to be securely seated right beside the tub and to position themselves slowly in; thereby reducing the danger of them falling on to the floor.

Long-handled sponges and scrubbers too will make sure that the bathroom user would be able to cleanse themselves properly without having to change their position in the bathroom, which can be a danger if they are coated with slippery soap. The loss of traction of their body against the chair or the floor may cause them to slip and have an accident.

There are much more different types of bathroom aids available in the market today which will prevent accidents at home. And while we are hoping that the ultimate design of the bathroom is made safer for people of all ages, we must not wait. Bathroom aids will prevent an accident that might happen within the next few days.


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  • Melody

    Thanks for the informative post regarding bathroom aides. Many pregnant women could also benefit from aides in the bathroom. Especially rubber mats in the shower or even a rubber bar to hold on to. I remember my husband constantly checking on me to make sure I didn’t fall in the shower. It can be a dangerous place for everyone.