Bath bench with adjustable height by Healthline

Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height, By Healthline. Product Review.

Healthline Trading is an established company that distributes bathroom aids, walking aids, and mobility accessories for medical patients and the elderly. Their products are ideal for both professional medical use and for home and private use. One of their featured products is the Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height which is lightweight shower bench designed with a non-slip seat.

Built with an easy to assemble no tools required design, the Healthline Bath Bench has a sleek and compact look that looks great for home use. It has an ergonomically designed seat with drainage holes for convenient and comfortable use. The seat, with its convex shapes, is also nonslip ensuring that it is safe for patients and the elderly to use, and comfortable too. The seat also has slats that can function as handles making it more comfortable to use when placed inside bathtub or shower.

The back seat is built with the same durable materials as the seat and provides a sturdy support. This shower bench can support weights of up to 325 pounds. The sturdy but lightweight design makes it easy to handle and transport. While the wide seat provides adequately for movement and comfortable seating. It also has an adjustable height making this bath bench ideal for a wide range of users.

The frame is made of durable non-corrosive aluminum materials that are scratch and rust resistant. Rubberized feet add a safe non-slip feature.


Basics about Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height, By Healthline Trading


Bath bench with back adjustable height by HealthlineProduct name: Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height, Lightweight Shower Bench with Non-Slip Seat, White By Healthline Trading

Price: The best promotion I found is $US 36.50 on Amazon (with free shipping)

Seat Dimensions: 14.5″(D) x 20(W)

Back and legs: Adjustable height

Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Colour: White

Material: Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable, and corrosion proof. Non-slip seat.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bath Bench


Bath benches or shower seats for medical patients or the elderly require certain features that ensure safety and comfort. One of the most important features to look into when choosing a bath bench for the elderly is the height of the bench. The height should provide a comfortable sitting position for the patient. Bath benches that are designed to high may pose a hazard because the certain height of bath benches may leave the patients prone to slips and falls. Bath benches whose height is designed too low, on the other hand, may not be comfortable to use. It may also cause disorientation.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the weight capacity. The design should be able to support a wide range. Healthline Trading bath bench with the adjustable back seat can support weights of up to 350 pounds. This is an acceptable range that supports a wide range of users yet provides a design that is still compact and lightweight.

And of course, the bath bench must be comfortable to use. Seats with built-in drainage holes prevent water build-up that may cause discomfort. The non-padded non-slip design also provides convenience. Padded seats, for example, tend to absorb water which may also cause discomfort to its users. The seat should be shaped in a non-slip design that promotes good posture.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Healthline Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height



  • Easy to assemble design with no tools required. The product comes with an easy step-by step assembly set of procedures.
  • The drainage holes in seat provide additional comfort.
  • Aluminium frame is rust resistant making this bath bench lafor years.
  • The design is compact and the size can fit any standard sized bathtub and shower area.
  • The lightweight materials are durable.
  • The neutral colours look nice in any bathroom interior colour theme.
  • Adjustable height makes this bath bench compatible with a wide range of users.
  • Non-slip feature and rubberized feet secure the bath bench in place, making it safe to use.



  • The frame does not have a safety lock to secure the bench’s legs in place when adjusting the height of the seat.
  • The rubberized feet may not provide adequate traction to keep the bath bench in place, especially in bathrooms designed with rather slippery tiles.
  • The neutral colours may sometimes blend with the background colours of the bathroom which may cause confusion or disorientation with some, especially patients with poor eyesight.
  • Users need to make sure that the bath bench is correctly assembled before use.


Where can I buy the Healthline Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height?


The Healthine Bath Bench with Adjustable Height is available on Amazon, Sears, and The Shower Chair Store.

Restrictions on international sales and shipping of medical supplies are common. Remember, before buy it check that the product can be delivered in your country.

At the time I’m writing this review the prize is just $US 36.50 with free shipping (when combined total product purchase is over $ US 49).

There are hundreds of other websites where you can find the Healthline Bath Bench with Adjustable Height, but most of them are just people reselling the product purchased at Amazon or from the manufacturer. In this last situation, they never have Amazon’s negotiation power to get the best price.


Veredict: recommended product, easy to assemble and affordable price.


 Healthline bath bench promotions


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2 thoughts on “Bath Bench with back Adjustable Height, By Healthline. Product Review.

  • Shawna

    Hi, this is a very interesting article and product review for mobility aids. I am a Home Health Physical Therapy and with Healthcare Reform being what it is, durable medical equipment–especially equipment ONLY used in the bathroom–such as shower chairs, 3-in-1 benches, tub transfer benches, and elevated toilet seats can be a MAKE IT or BREAK IT situation in the bathroom. I do have a question…How does a seat height set too low cause elderly disorientation? I am always eager to learn and I have not heard of this complication associated with proper height adjustments.
    Having the seat too low can cause increased falls–especially when someone is so weak he/she can’t control their descent and essentially “plop down uncontrollably” and cause the seat to move out of place or even collapse. In addition, low seat heights (where the height of the knees are higher than the hips) can be especially dangerous for someone recovering from an anteriolateral Total Hip Replacement because it violates the hip precautions. I am just curious about disorientation associated with lower seat heights. I totally agree that having the proper equipment, knowing the in’s & out’s of the set-up/use, as well as anticipating potential fall hazards are very important in promoting optimal safety, quality of life and independence in the home. Knowledge is so important. Thank you for the review and I look forward to learning from you.

    • Sametriu Post author

      Interesting comment Shawna.

      First of all, you can adjust the height of this bench, however in situations as the ones you describe maybe other bathroom aids are needed (grab bars, different kind of seat…).